Scammers, fraud, and suspicious behavior

Scammers, fraud, and suspicious behavior

While we have safety measures in place to protect our members, it’s still always important to be careful whenever meeting and communicating with people via the internet.

The following internet safety tips can help keep you safe from potential scammers or suspicious behavior.

  1. Don’t give information about yourself to other members that you don't know well or trust. Be careful with personal information such as passport details, email addresses, phone numbers, resumés, etc.
  2. If you are approached by an organization, you should first find out more about the organization. If you are unable to find information about the organization, then you should be wary of potential fraud.
  3. Never transfer money to someone you have never met and never accept money from someone before the babysitting job has been done. In this case, it's almost always a scam.
  4. Beware of sob stories. This could be, for example, a story about a deceased partner. Often scammers may use these kinds of stories to try to play with your emotions and persuade you to transfer money.
  5. Always meet before the first booking. Make sure the introductory meeting is in a public place. If you don't trust the situation you can easily leave.
  6. Be suspicious when a member calls anonymously or with a foreign phone number. Most members have a local phone number.
  7. Do not transfer money via unfamiliar payment apps. Scammers often use forged payment apps leading to a fake page in order to find out victims’ bank details.
  8. Never accept a job from a person you've never met. Real families will want to meet you first and interview you in person before they hire you.
  9. Never pay for a background check and don't use a background check service you don't know. Scammers can be behind these services themselves and steal your money or, worst case, steal your personal information.
  10. Trust your instincts. If something seems too good to be true, it is. If you still have doubts about the person's authenticity, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to take a look at the member's profile for you and give you some advice.

Do you suspect fraud or suspicious behavior?

If you suspect fraud or see something suspicious, report it to us immediately. We will investigate and if necessary block the member account.

We advise you to always file a report with the police when you suspect that you are a victim of identity fraud.

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